Backlink costs are monthly or one time?

All backlink costs are one time payments for permanent backlinks. No monthly recurring costs! We do not remove any backlinks!

Do I have to ping the received links?

No. There is no need to ping the links because the blog posts have already been indexed. Let google crawl your links naturally.

Will the links be permanent?

No link is forever. Sites or individual pages may go down for various reasons. However, a good link can add value for years. We get links from high quality sites and offer free replacement of any links lost within 3 months from the date of link addition.

Should I build backlinks to inner pages or directly to my homepage?

Honestly you should build some links to inner pages, too. It makes your site look more natural. Get about 70% to your homepage and 30% to your inner pages.

How much time do you need to process an order?

After your payment is complete, your order is automatically transferred to our servers to ensure a fast order handling. If we have no load on our servers we will process your order in 1 to 3 hours, depending on your order size. But we try to handle your order in 48 hours.

What languages do you accept for your Backlink Service?

You can use any language you like. You can use Arabic, Chinese or any other characters as keywords and as articles. But if you provide a keyword for article scraping then please use a ENGLISH keyword so we can find related English articles.